Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Taylor Lautner Top 5 Moments of 2011

Top 5 Biggest Moments for Taylor Lautner in 2011!
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The end of 2011 is near – seriously, there’s less than a month to go! But luckily, there’s just enough time left for us to recap the biggest moments of the year for some of our favorite celebs, new and old. This year has HUGE for lots of them, with big movie roles and headlining tours and much more going on in their lives. With Top 5 Biggest Moments, we’ll break down the top five moments of our fave’s lives this year! So sit back, relax and enjoy what we think their biggest and brightest moments were in 2011!Ready to take a look at Taylor’s biggest moments in 2011?

1. His Bromantic Kiss with his Costar Rob at the MTV Movie Awards Okay, so maybe it was a bit of a surprise to Taylor at first, but it was some of the hottest gossip in June once it happened. These two are totally goofy together and, to be completely honest, that “kiss” was probably the funniest thing to happen to either of them all year. It’s definitely memorable!

2. Starring in AbductionHe wasn’t a werewolf in this flick, but we loved the character change anyway! Taylor definitely proved his acting chops by going outside of the wolfy role that we totally love. This film was action-packed and simply incredible. We loved seeing Taylor try something different.

3. Getting His Hand Prints added to Grauman’s Chinese Theater

Last month, Taylor and his Twilight costars got to immortalize their hand prints alongside those of some of Hollywood’s finest actors! It sounds like a pretty big honor and Taylor’s grin in all of the pics from that day is evidence that he was feeling pretty excited about it, too!
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