Thursday, December 22, 2011

Making your own Twilight Gift-dog tags- on the Cheap!

Life on the Rez is all about using what you have to optimum efficiency, through trial and error I have figured out a neat little way to make your own Twilight dog tags ..on the cheap!  I have fiddled around and figured out for you what works and does not work!
Using stuff you have laying around the house, some glue and a pack of 97cent party goodies you can make your own Dog Tags!.
Find in Birthday gift bag section at walmart for 97cents

Item you already have-or find in any craft section
Twilight Tidbits-cards, posters, stickers, candy, wraps etc!
Metallic Pens (recommend Sharpie for it's tip)

Now for tips I learned doing this! 

I recommend using already clear glue.
Don't use Glitter! 1. It will "travel" with the glue. 2 The Color will run. 3. It will clump unevenly 4. I twill bulge in places!.
It was spraying on clear coating that made every thing run!!
 As you can see from the above pics of the reverse side of the dog tags ..somethings worked better than others. Here are some tips-
*Don't use glue that just "drys clear"  (you can see they do not)
*Don't use any spray schlack, glue, sealant until everything is under glue and dry or it will run!
*Don't use glitter except for a sprinkle effect and use little of it.
*Shaped Confetti works really well.
        *Write on the Confetti piece and let it dry
            *Don't touch it with glue on your fingers the prints will be preserved under the glue!
*Bobbles do really well .
*Stickers do really well
*cut out cards work really well
*sticker or iron bits found in the scrape book section of walmart all work well!

You'll need something to poke a hole through the paper I used a screwdriver.

Create a background out of colorful paper, cards stickers etc.
Even with a plain white background works with the right choice of  findings!

Twilight Card, 2 confetti hearts and beads glued down and covered with clear glue!
Use toothpicks to hold the tag off your working space. cover it all with clear glue thickly! Wait a few minutes and put a toothpick inside the hole to keep it open!
This is a work in progress! You play around and share your works of art with us and we'll post it here!
Impress us and win an Autograph!   Email your pics here

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