Name: Embry Call
Date Of Birth: 1990
Quileute status: Werewolf Alpha Third, under Jacob.
Werewolf gene source: Unknown
Human hair Color : Black
Wolf hair color: gray with black spots
Eye color: brown
Height: 6'4"
Physical Description: 
Embry is almost as tall as Jacob but more slender. Until his transformation, his hair was chin length, after that, he cropped it short.
Occupation/education: He attends the high School on the reservation. He is a protector of La Push
Family Members: He lives with his Mother Tiffany.
Personal history: 
Tiffany Call moved to La Push while she was pregnant with Embry. Tiffany was of Makah descent, with no connection to anyone in La Push, and people wondered why she would relocate. However as time passed she became an established member of the community and people stopped speculating about her past.
Embry grew up with Jacob Black and Quil Ateara. He was especially close to Jacob. They both were interested in automotive and likes to ride dirt bikes together.
Embry was the fourth werewolf to join the present-day pack. His transformation was a shock to the rest of the wolves. Only the descendants of Taha Aki had the ability to become werewolves. Because Embry's mother had no genetic connection to the Quileute tribe, Embry's ability to transform had to have been inherited from his father. The men with strongest connection to the last pack were therefore the men most likely to be Embry's father. Those men were Billy Black, Joshua Uley, and Quil Ateara IV --- All three of whom where married at the time of Embry's conception --- making Quil, Jacob or Sam Embry's half brother.
This information caused some strain in the tribe, but for most part of the wolves ignored it. Embry wanted to ask his mother for the truth --- she had always said his father was someone she had not known well and had lost track of before Embry was born. Now Embry knew this story wasn't true, but he was unable to tell his mother why he knew. Because he had to keep his werewolf heritage a secret, he was unable to confront her.