Seth Clearwater
Date of Birth: 1992
Quileute Status: Werewolf Pack member
Human Hair Color: Black
Wolf Coat Color : Sandy
Eye color: Brown
Height: nearly 6’0”
Physical description: Seth has a very long, gangly build. His face is youthful, and his huge grin is reminiscent of Jacob’s when he was younger
Education/ Occupation: He attends the High School on the reservation. He is a protector of La Push.
Family members: Seth’s Father, Harry, is deceased. He lives with his mother, Sue, and his older sister, Leah.
Personal History:
When Seth’s older sister Leah , phased in front of the family one night, the shock caused their father, Harry, who already had a weak heart into Cardiac arrest. The upheaval all around him catalyzed Seth’s own transformation, earlier than it would normally have happened; he phased that night to.
Although Seth was deeply saddened by the death of his father, he accepted his transformation far better than Leah did hers. He didn’t have the same challenges to deal with. Seth enjoyed being a werewolf. He saw being a pack member a cool kind of magic that made him special, rather than viewing it as a curse. He is known in the pack as having the BEST hearing.
Seth is the most open minded of all the wolves. He sees the Cullen’s not as monsters, but as individuals who have chosen to live in a way that makes them good guys.

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