Sunday, December 18, 2011

Rick Mora Featured in Bloggers "Mister Monday"

Scanning the Internet- NOVEMBER 7th 2011
Blogger Adel Dubois (Warning for Erotic Content)
"Welcome to my new column, Mister Monday!

Each week I’ll post pics of a verrrry hunky guy for your viewing pleasure. What better way to begin the work week than with smokin’ hot Mister Monday and a steaming cup of coffee?

To sweeten the deal, I’ll do my best to choose men who are easy on the eyes and good guys too.  Mister Monday will have qualities we can admire both inside and outside.

My first Mister Monday choice is Native American actor, model, and philanthropist Rick Mora.

Among other charities, Rick Mora is active with Red Crystal Gala. Their mission is to provide funding to Native American non-profit organizations offering support to native women who have been victims of sexual assault or domestic violence."

Read complete poster HERE

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