Name: Jared Cameron
Date of Birth: 1990
Quileute Status: Werewolf second Alpha, under Sam
Werewolf gene source: Black line
Human hair color: Black
Wolf coat color: Brown
Eyes color: Brown
Height: At least 6'0"
Physical Description: Jared is tall and muscular, but not as big as Sam or Jacob.
Education/occupation: He attends high school on the reservation. he is a protector of La Push.
Family members: He has imprinted on Kim. His great-great-great-grandfather was the first Jacob Black.
Personal History: Jared was born in La Push and grew up there. He was a casual friend to Sam Uley, though Sam was ahead of him in school. Jared had an experience similar to Sam's the first time he phased; he panicked completely and ran. But he had Sam, who quickly explained things and helped him through the rough beginning. As a consequence, Jared was able to resume his human form in just a few days. He and Sam became very tight after Jared joined the pack, and remain best friends. Jared is known in the pack for having the best vision.
Jared was the second wolf to imprint. His journey was much easier; he imprinted on a girl who already had a crush on him. Kim was only too pleased to have Jared interested in her. She took the werewolf aspect in stride, and the two are nearly always together.

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