Name: Brady Fuller
Date of Birth: 1993
Quileute Status: Werewolf pack member
Werewolf gene source: Ateara line
Human hair color: black
Wolf coat color: Dark, ashy brown that almost appears gray
Eye color: brown
Height: nearly 6'0"
Education/occupation: Brady attends the high school on the reservation. He is a protector of La Push
Family members: He is related to the Clearwaters and the Atearas through his grandmother.
Personal history: Brady is one of the youngest members of the pack, along with Collin Littlesea. Both were thirteen years old when the pack decided to help the Cullens fight against Victoria's newborn army. Considered to young to fight, both Brady and Collin stayed behind to proteck the tribe while the others participated in the battle.
Actor: Swo wo Gabriel

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