Name: Collin Littlesea
Date of Birth: 1993
Quileute status: Werewolf pack member
Werewolf gene source: Black line
Human hair color: Black
Wolf coat color: Reddish brown, with Legs, face, and tail a darker color *similar to jacob
Eye color: Brown
Height: nearly 6'0"
Education/occupation: Collin attends High School on the reservation. He is a protector of La Push
Family members: His parents are Connie Black and Kevin Littlesea. Connie is Billy Black's younger sister. Jacob and Collin are first cousins.
Personal History: Collin is one of the youngest members of the tribe, who phased after Seth and Leah Clearwater, Collin was only thirteen at the time he joined the pack. Collin is very Loyal to Sam, and thinks Leah is the most beautiful woman in the world.


Actor: Brayden Jimmie
Born on May 7, 1997 
Lives in Vancouver, British Columbia From Chilliwack, British Columbia

Tribe affiliation: Squiala, Yakikwioose and Chehalis. 

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