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Quil Ateara IV: Quil Ateara IV was the son of Old Quil Ateara and Molly Swan. He married Joy Quehpa, and they had a son Quil Ateara V. As a descendant of the previous werewolf pack through both parents, he passed the shape-shifting gene to his son. It is also possible that he was Embry's biological father and passed the chromosome on to him as well. He died before he was thirty years old, when his fishing boat capsized during a big storm.  (No movie portrayal)

Sarah Black: Sarah Black was the granddaughter of Quil Ateara II, the wife of Billy Black, and the mother of Rachel, Rebecca, and Jacob Black. She was a full-time mother and a part-time artist, working mostly with watercolors. She died in a car accident when her daughters were thirteen and her son nine. She knew the truth about the Quileute wolves, but hoped that her son would never have to live that. (no movie portrayal)

Rebecca Black: Rebecca is the Daughter of Billy and Sarah Black, and the sister of Jacob and Rachel Back. She lives in Hawaii for most of the year with her husband, a professional surfer; they travel frequently for his competitions. Like her mother, Rebecca is an artist, though Rebecca prefers oils. She doesn't know of the existence of wolves in La Push. (no movie portrayal)


Taha Aki was one of the last great spirit chiefs who was well known for his wisdom and for being the man of peace. He was possibly the first shape-shifter of the Quileute tribe. 
He was leader of the Spirit Warriors, Realizing fellow spirit warrior Utlapa was a danger- he forced him to leave the people.  Taha Aki left to perform his spirit walk, he hid his body as he left it in spirit form. Taha Aki discovered too late to prevent Utlapa from his body and pose as Taha. Utlapa left his body and entered Taha's then killed his own leaving Taha Aki no body to return. Taha Aki followed his body down the mountain,but he was unable to enter his own body. Taka Aki watched with despair as Utlapa took his place as chief to the Quileutes.Utlapa abused his position taking from the daughters of the tribe for his own wives. To prevent his discovery he forbade any more Spirit Walking. 
Taha Aki decided it was best to just destroy his own body to save the tribe. Summoning the Great Wolf he  agreed to kill Taha Aki's body. Utlapa was well protected by the young warriors of the tribe and the wolf was force away.  Taha Aki figured that the wolf had a body and therefore a soul, so he asks the Great Wolf that he would make room in his body for his spirit and share the physical form. Taki Aki manages to enter to the wolf's body. He returned to his village to stop Utlapa Taha Aki was also around at the time of the Cold One attack. He along with his sons fought the Vampire woman and all were killed except him. His wife sacrificed herself to give him enough time to kill the Vampire. 

Portrayed by Bryon Chief Moon

Yaha Uta:   Son of Taha Aki and his third wife killed in the revenge attack of the cold one's mate.

Third Wife: After her son Yaha Uta killed the cold man, his mate, the cold woman, attacked the village in revenge. Yaha Uta attempted to stop her but was killed, leaving Taha Aki as the only spirit warrior left to defend the tribe.

The Third Wife could see that he was losing the fight, and couldn't bear to see her husband die. She took one of her younger sons' knives and stabbed herself through the heart. The scent of her blood distracted the cold woman long enough for Taha Aki to kill her.
 A number of her sons, who were enraged by her death, phased for the first time into wolves. Once the battle was won, Taha Aki lay in his wolf form by the Third Wife's body for three days, then vanished into the forest and was never seen or heard from again.
Her bravery earned her a place in the Quileute's legends.

Portrayed by Mariel Belanger Canadian Actress.

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Utlapa was once one of the great spirit warriors who accompanied the Quileute Chief Taha Aki. He believed that Taha Aki was not doing enough for the tribe and dreamed of having Taha Aki's place in the tribe and of using the spirit warriors to conquer and take over neighboring tribes.

Yut was a member of the Quileute Tribe around the time of Taha Aki. He disobeyed Utlapa,who was  impersonating Taha Aki, and visited the Spirit world, discovering that Taha Aki was joined with a wolf. Before he could inform the tribe, Utlapa killed him. His death prompted Taha Aki to confront and kill Utlapa.

Ephraim Black.

Actor: Rick Mora
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