Name: Sue Uley Clearwater
Date Of Birth: mid 1960s  
Quileute status: Black and Uley lines
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Black
Physical description: Sue has a thin face, and her hair is cut in a short, severe style.
Education/occupation: She is a registered nurse and an elder on the tribal council.
Family members: she lives with her two children, Leah and Seth Clearwater. Her husband, Harry clearwater, is deceased. She is currently dating Charlie Swan.
Personal History:    
Sue Clearwater and her husband, Harry Clearwater knew that the legends about the Quileute werewolves were true. Harry had passed the wolf gene to his children from the Ateara line, while Sue carried both the Black and Uley lines. Once the Cullens returned to Forks, Sue knew that her son would one daybecome a werewolf. However, the shock of seeing their daughter, Leah, phase in front of them caused Harry, who had a weak heart, to go into a cardiac arrest, As an RN, Sue knew Harry's condition was critical. She called Billy Black and Sam Uley for help because they, too, knew the truth about werewolves. By the time Sue called him, Sam had already learned about Harry's condition; he'd heard what happened when Leah entered the pack mind. They were unable to save Harry, and the turmoil of the ordeal caused Sue's son, Seth, to transform that night, too, at a younger age than was normal.
After Harry passed away, Sue took over his position on the tribal council, joining Quil Ateara III and Billy Black.
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