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Chaske Spenser Interview

 Scanning the Internet - November 14, 2011
Chaske plays wolfpack leader Sam Uley in the Twilight series. Sarah McIntyre found out how the actor prepared for the demanding role and what fans can expect from the latest installment in the franchise.

How did your acting career begin?
Chaske Spencer: It began when I moved here to New York City and I was cast in a movie called Skins, which was by Chris Eyre and since then it's just been a steady, slow climb to being a working actor. It's been definitely a weird journey!

Is it true that you dropped out of your first semester in college and literally went to New York with a hundred dollars in your back pocket?
That's true, that's very true, yeah. I just had to figure out what I wanted to do in life and I was very desperate to see where I was going, so I moved here, got a one way ticket and that was it.

How did you land your role in Twilight?
The casting director Rene Haynes, who put me in a lot of films, suggested I audition for this and I did. And it was a tough audition. I didn't know what part they wanted me for.

How was it to prepare for the role?

It was pretty intense; the workouts were probably the most intense part. It was a tough process, but you know the results are great. I enjoy working out now!

What was it like going from relatively unknown to actor in such a huge blockbuster?
It took some adjusting but I don't take it too seriously, I think I've been able to adjust to it in a healthy way.

Twilight fans are particularly fervent, but have you had any crazy encounters with fans?
Yes, I've had some incidents where it's been a little too overboard, I won't go into them. Most of the fans are great, in fact 90% of the fans have been wonderful and they've been really supportive and they're just really good people. But there's that other 10% that I think go a little overboard, I think they should probably try to find a healthy outlook on life because it's not reality, Twilight is a fantasy world.

How has your character developed since New Moon?
I think you get to look a little more at Sam and his conflict with the outcome of the marriage between Edward and Bella. I think fans are going to be very happy with the results of the film.

Sam Uley (Chaske Spencer) and Emily Young (Tinsel Korey)

Can you give us any hints of what to expect from Breaking Dawn? I think (director) Bill Condon is going to do an amazing job. If you've seen his previous works Dreamgirls and Gods and Monsters, I think you'll get a little taste of what Breaking Dawn's going to be. It's going to be an epic movie.

What's it like on the set of such a huge movie?
Well, let's say this: one time pretty much the whole cast was going to film that day and we drove into, we called it the Circus Basecamp, and the trailers looked like a small city. I was quite overwhelmed by the amount of space we took up! The make-up trailer, the artists' trailers, the sound trailers - it was huge! I think it really hit me what a huge movie it was, and this wasn't until the end!

What's it like working with Taylor, Rob and Kirsten?
They're really great, they're really down to earth people. They come ready and prepared, they're just wonderful people.

Where would you like to see your career go post-Twilight?
Just keep working. About three or four years ago, I probably never would have imagined myself in Twilight. I didn't know about the books and it took me by surprise when I got the part and I became part of this huge phenomenon. I'm very grateful, but I'm just excited to see where the journey takes me now, I have no clue.

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