Name Leah Clearwater
Date of birth: 1986
Quileute status: werewolf alpha second, under Jacob
Werewolf gene source: Altera, black and Uley lines
Human hair color: Black
Wolf coat color: grey
eye color: brown
height: around 5'10"
Physical description: 
Leah is beautiful. She has perfect copper skin, shiny black hair, and long, thick eyelashes. In her werewolf form, she is the smallest of the pack, and also the fastest.
Education/occupation: She graduated from the high school on the reservation. She is a protector of La Push.
Family: Leah's father, Harry, is deceased. she lives with her mother, Sue, and her younger brother Seth.
Personal History: 
As a freshman in high school, Leah began dating, and then fell in love with Sam Uley. They were involved in a serious relationship for three years.
During her junior year of high school, Leah's life was thrown into upheaval when Sam disappeared. The ppolice and forest rangers were involved, but couldnt find no trace of him.
Two weeks later, Sam reappeared. He gave no explanations for his absence, and from that time forward he was a changed person. Leah knew there was something big he wasn't telling her, but she had no idea what it could be. She tried to give him space to resolve whatever the problem was. and continued to love and support him.
Not long after that, Leah's second cousin Emily Young came to La Push. Emily was Leah's closest girlfriend- almost a sister - and a frequent visitor. She had met Sam several times before this visit. But this time, when Sam came over to see Leah, he saw Emily for the first time since his disappearance. Leah didn't understand his bizarre behavior. He left very quickly, but came back later that night to break up with Leah. She could tell he was devastated, but she didn't understand what could have happened to change him so completely. She understood more when Emily came to her  and told her--- with dismay--- that Sam was persuading her. Leah, who wanted to give Sam the benefit of doubt, because clearly something very odd was going on with him, could no longer imagine that he had any excuse. She became furious with him. Emily supported her, and Leah relied on Emily's refusal of Sam's pursuit.
Leah started to realize that Emily was spending a great time with Sam. Ostensibly rejecting him. She became suspicious. Then she heard the Emily had been mauled by a bear and that Sam was inconsolable about it. Initially, she was most concerned for Emily's well-being. However, it became clear that shortly after the accident that Sam and Emily were a couple, and Leah's concern turned into bitterness. Part of her felt like Emily had gotten what she deserved. 
Leah kept her distance from Emily and Sam as much as possible. Emily asked for forgiveness, but Leah wouldn't speak to her.
Time passed and Leah found herself growing angrier than she had been before, though there was no new catalyst for her feelings. She flew into rage over the smallest irritants, sometimes getting so angry that she would physically shake. Privately she worried about the change in her nature, and wondered if she needed counseling or medication. Before she had time to think it over more, she phased for the first time. She was arguing with her mother about her mood swings, and her father joined the conversation in support of her mother. Leah was so angry that her whole body started shaking, and then exploded into a werewolf in their small living room. She didn't touch either of her parents in the process, though she did destroy a couch. However, the shock of Leah phasing triggered her father's fatal heart attack. Harry was aware of the reality of werewolves, and expected to someday deal that issue with Seth, but he was so secure in his belief that only male ancestors had the potential to phase that he missed the sings with Leah. He was completely shocked. Reacting to the chaos and horror of the moment, Leah's little brother, Seth, also phased, though he was younger than the usual age.
It was extremely difficult for Leah to deal with her first weeks as a werewolf. She'd just lost her father and blamed herself for his death, though of course she'd done nothing to hurt him intentionally. Sam was the usual guide for the new wolves, the one who explained everything to the newcomers and assigned the roles in the pack; there couldn't have been a harder person for Leah to have face to face. It was even worse because now, knowing the whole truth, she could no longer blame him for his actions. There was no choice but to forgive both him and Emily, and that took so much that Leah had few emotional resources left to deal gracefully with other problems. She did Agree to support Emily by being a bridesmaid at the wedding. She tried to not show how much that hurt her, but as a wolf, there was no way for her to keep secrets.
The shared-thoughts aspect of being a wolf was definitely the hardest part for Leah. The second Hardest was trying to understand the changes in her human body -- the halt of her menstrual cycle, specifically -- and what that might mean for her future. The only thing she really enjoyed was being faster than the others.

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