Name: Paul Lahote
Date of Birth: 1990
Quileute Status: Werewolf Alpha Third, Under Sam.
Werewolf gene source: Uley line
Human hair color: Black
Wolf coat color: Dark silver
Eye color: brown
Height: At least 6'0"
Physical Description: Paul is shorter than Jacob and leaner than Quil.
Education/occupation: He attends the high school on the reservation. He is a protector of La Push.
Family members: He has imprinted on Rachel Black. His great-great-grandfather was Thomas Uley
Personal history: Paul was born in Tacoma and lived there until he was eight.
When his parents split up, his father took him back to La Push, where Paul spent the rest of his childhood and teenage years. He was not close to either Sam or Jared, though he was in the same year of school as Jared. He had his own circle of friends, so when he abruptly stopped hanging out with them and instead became inseparable from Sam, it drew attention. People began to notice the wolf pack and speculate about it being a gang.
Paul had a great deal of difficulty controlling his temper. More than Sam or Jared, Paul frequently phased accidentally. Sam had to stay very close to Paul to make sure these out-of-control moments happened in private. After Emily was injured by Sam, Paul began to take his temper problems more seriously and improved some-what, though he still found control more difficult than any of the others.
Paul was the fourth to imprint. After he imprinted, the rest of the pack became truly worried that they would all share the same fate. Paul imprinted on Jacob's sister Rachel, which caused a bit of drama in the pack; Jacob wasn't excited about Paul joining his family. Rachel had not been comfortable in La Push since the death of her mother, so she had a difficult time to stay there with Paul. She had just graduated from college with a degree in computer engineering and had been offered a job she could do from home. She'd just planned to look around for an apartment in Seattle or Portland, but she decided to stay in La Push for a while to see how things worked out with Paul. At that point, restraint became much more important to Paul. After the vampire situation was under control, he wanted to give up phasing so he could travel with Rachel.


  1. Jacob is also an Alpha but I don't know what you are commenting on. Paul only has Jacob mentioned as his height and imprinting on his sister. ??