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Taylor Lautner's Work out?

 ...I have not heard of Taylor endorsing this or claiming to have used this "plan" but it's a pretty good plan!

 When it came time for Taylor Lautner to build up his muscle power and looks for his movie role in the Twilight series he simply did not wish it and the make up artists could not provide him with a costume of muscle.  He had to earn it and do it himself.  He took on a plan of action to gain 30 pounds of muscle for his role and of course wanted to do it the right way.  He pulled it off without a hitch.  He began a program of nutrition and exercise to put on the muscle.  It was a difficult task because he is not a large individual and has a small build.  The program he used was not especially developed for him. The Taylor Lautner Workout that would get him physically ready for his role in the movie, is actually a very common workout used by many Hollywood stars when they need to bulk up and get ripped.

The Taylor Lautner workout regimen looked like this.

The first task of the Taylor Lautner workout routine was to carry around extra weight.  As a matter of fact he had to push the limits for using extra weight during his workout.  His approach was to carry 40% more weight than he could if doing 10 reps without struggling with the weight.  For example, if you can lift 100 pounds of weight 10 times without struggling then you should be lifting 140 pounds of weight for this intense workout program.  That is exactly what Taylor Lautner did to beef up his muscle. The Taylor Lautner workout regimen is much more then this, but still anyone can easily accomplish it.

The next step of the Taylor Lautner workout routine.

The next step in this process was to put variety into the Taylor Lautner workout program with different weights and repetitions.  Not only does this help to deal with the boredom of the routine but also adds variety into the weight and reps factor.  Tension was also used to create more stress and a better workout for Taylor.  By using rubber bands and the power of tension the workout plan was more intense and helped to build more muscle more quickly.

The last thing to take into consideration is to cut back on the cardio work and the abs work.  This will develop naturally as you workout with weights and tension.  Take advantage of the weights and work hard at building muscle.  This was the goal of the Taylor Lautner workout to ensure he would look the part for the movie role. Obviously, the way that the Taylor Lautner workout routine was designed and implemented was a big part of him getting so ripped.
There’s a much easier way to achieve similar results to the Taylor Lautner workout and you don’t even need a personal trainer. However, like I hinted at earlier, you need the same routine that most Hollywood stars use when they are looking to get ripped. Stars like Ryan Reynolds and Christian Bale also use this specific Hollywood workout. The Taylor Lautner workout routine is really this exercise regimen.

The Taylor Lautner workout routine according to Mens Health.

Taylor Lautner workout
Below are six of the components of the Taylor Lautner workout according to Mens Health:
  • Taylor Lautner Workout #1 – Push your limits –  In order to grow big, your body has to get used to carrying heavy loads. In order to overload his muscles, Yuam had Lautner carrying weights that were around 40% more than what Taylor could normally lift up for 10 reps. So for instance, if you can lift 120 pounds without trouble 10 times, then you should be lifting 170 pounds according to the Taylor Lautner workout.
  • Taylor Lautner Workout #2 – Vary volume – It’s true that your body needs to get used to more weight in order to build muscle but going for a heavier weight is not always the best idea. In order to maximize your gains, the Taylor Lautner workout teaches you to regularly your vary reps, and weights.
  • Taylor Lautner Workout #3 – Create some tension – If you’re looking to emulate Taylor Lautner’s workout, free weights are highly favored but there are definitely some drawbacks to these. For starters, there are some parts to a lift that are easier to do than others so muscles are not worked evenly through the whole range of motion.
  • Taylor Lautner Workout #4 – Cut back on the cardio – people have relied on cardio for years to burn fat. However, you may end up losing more weight if you exercise too hard, which is a bad thing if you don’t exactly build muscle mass easily.
  • Taylor Lautner Workout #5 – Do not overwork those abs – the abs are generally the highlight of a fit body so a lot of men have the tendency to work on their midsection whenever they can.
  • Taylor Lautner Workout #6 – Have a plan for recovery – the food you eat and your exercise are just two-thirds of a complete muscle-building plan. To make sure that all your efforts pay off, you have to make sure that you have time to rest.
I hope that I dispelled some of the myths about the Taylor Lautner workout regimen he used to get in solid ripped form. I know that anyone willing to do the work involved in the Taylor Lautner workout can attain the same muscular physique that some of Hollywood’s leading men have.

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