Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Teen Wolf Tyler Posey Glad he didn't Get picked to Play Jacob Black

In ‘Twilight,’ Reveals Miley Was His First Kiss

June 4, 2012, 2:18pm
MANILA, Philippines --- TV’s “Teen Wolf” star Tyler Posey said he’s glad he did not have to be Jacob Black in “Twilight.”
Tyler revealed he auditioned for the role of Jacob Black, resident werewolf of the “Twilight” franchise, but in the end, Taylor Lautner nailed the job.

When asked if he regretted missing the role, he said, “I’m glad I didn’t get it. I’m sure it was a great project for everybody involved in that. But had I gotten that, then I wouldn’t be on Teen Wolf and I love Teen Wolf. I’m glad he (Lautner) got that role and I’m glad I got this role.”
In the MTV series and update of the 1985 film, Tyler plays teen wolf Scott McCall. The series has been green lit for a season two following the pilot season’s success. The second season opens this June.
Scott, the boy-turned-werewolf, returns on season two with the rest of the gang and a new Alpha, a wolf hunter out for revenge and a potential rival.
In a phone interview with Bulletin Entertainment, Tyler said that this season required more physical activities from him than the previous one. “There are a lot more fight scenes and stunts,” he said. “There’s also this weird stunt where I had to fall on ice because Scott is a dweeb and he doesn’t know how to ice skate – not that people who don’t know how ice skate are dweebs,” he apologetically added with a laugh.

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