Friday, June 1, 2012

MTV Reveals more of Taylor Lautner's Grown Ups 2 Role

From MTV:

During our Sneak Peek Week presentation with the “That’s My Boy” cast, Milo Ventimiglia spoke about his upcoming work on “Grown Ups 2,” the upcoming follow-up to Adam Sandler’s most successful comedy to date. The actor, sporting a bleach-blond hairdo, insisted that he’s not “just blond because I took up volleyball” but because he’s about to bro down with Sandler and the artist occasionally known as Jacob Black.
Taylor Lautner's foray into comedy for Grown Ups 2 promises to be a "fun" role, and today a new detail about what exactly his part in the film will entail has been unveiled.

According to MTV, Lautner's co-star Milo Ventimiglia spilled that the two will be appearing together in the film as college frat boys. "We're playing fraternity brothers. I haven't started - I'm heading out the day after tomorrow - but I met him. He's a sweet kid. A very, very nice guy," he explained.

“I’m going on to do ‘Grown Ups 2,’ ” Ventimiglia said during the live Q&A, all part of the lead-up to Sunday night’s MTV Movie Awards. “I’m [working] with Taylor Lautner. We’re playing fraternity brothers. I haven’t started [shooting] — I’m heading out the day after tomorrow — but I met him. He’s a sweet kid. A very, very nice guy.”

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