Thursday, May 24, 2012

Byron Chief-Moon- Grey Horse Rider Featured at LGBT Film Festival

Byron Chief-Moon: Grey Horse Rider

88 Minute Running Time

Father of three, successful TV actor and artist and proud member of the First Nations two-spirited gay community, Byron Chief-Moon is a fascinating mesh of dynamic personae. But when he dances alone in the forest, the complexity of the real world washes away, and we can see his spiritual self take hold. Interviews combine with mesmerizing footage of his performances to capture the essence of this cutting-edge artist who founded the Coyote Arts Percussive Performance Association. By melding the history and art of his Canadian Blackfoot Confederacy tribe with issues of contemporary life, Chief-Moon’s work makes profound statements about identity and tradition.
The engaging documentary Two Spirits also focuses on the challenges and joys of growing up as a gay Native American. Joey Criddle is co-director of the Two Spirit Society of Denver, an organization that helps gay and lesbian Native Americans connect and celebrate their common bonds. When Joey is invited to his Pentacostal son’s wedding in Mississippi, we follow along to see how the reunion unfolds. Centering on one man’s struggles and successes in straddling two very different cultures, Two Spirits exposes universal truths about acceptance and family bonds.
The program opens with Two Spirits, One Journey, a fictional story of forbidden love on an Indian reservation. — BRENDAN PETERSON

co-presented by BAAITS - Bay Area American Indian Two Spirits, Native American AIDS Project and Native American Health Center


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