Friday, August 24, 2012

Kiowa Gordon interview

n a new interview with CheekyMonkeySM .Kiowa Gordon who plays (wolf Embry Call) in the twilight saga talks about being a part of The Twilight Saga, and his new film Heat Wave:-
1. What role does the wolf pack play in the final installment of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2? 

You'll have to see the movie....can't give away too much.

2. Which of The Twilight Saga movies was your favorite to film and why?
For me, it was Twilight New Moon. Stepping onto set for the first time was incredible. Meeting the director, the cast and crew. Joking around with the Wolf pack. This was all new to me.
3. How has being a part of The Twilight Saga impacted your career?
Without The Twilight Saga, I wouldn’t have a movie career. So, for that, I am eternally grateful. Being a part of such a huge franchise has opened a lot of doors for me. If it wasn’t for Stephenie Meyer being my Sunday
School teacher, I don’t think I would have ever gone to the Open Casting Call.
4. Tell us about your latest project Heat Wave. How did you become a part of it? What role do you play?
Well, my buddy, Russ Russo came back from a trip back East and told me about his profound enlightenment.  His enlightment may have been caused by the fact there was a heat wave across the U.S. and his car A/C broke down. When he was telling me the story, he envisioned two buddies- Michael and Lenny, who are morally deaf, in a sense.  They take a road trip across the U.S. during a similar heat wave and meet some bizarre characters along the way. We thought it was a metaphor about the journey of our lives. So, he said I would be one of the guys and I loved it.  I’m gonna be portraying Michael, the moral compass and the voice of reason.
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