Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Gil Birmingham's Crooked Arrow (May 18) Poster

Directed by Steve Rash (American Pie Presents Band Camp), Crooked Arrows stars Brandon Routh (Superman Returns) and Gil Birmingham (Twilight).  The film was produced by J. Todd Harris (The Kids Are All Right), Mitchell Peck (Priest), and Adam Leff (The Last Action Hero).  In addition, the movie features top lacrosse players from around the country, including a team of Iroquois players as well as professionals such as Paul Rabil, Zack Greer and Brodie Merrill who make cameo appearances, along with other notable lacrosse coaches. The lacrosse action was orchestrated by Sports Studio (Miracle, Game Plan).

“Crooked Arrows breaks new ground in the sports movie genre,” enthuses producer Harris.  “It’s going to open up the world’s eyes to the great game of lacrosse.” “It’s also a real first for Native Americans,” adds producing partner Peck.  “This is the first modern day, family-friendly Native American movie.  We realized that in order to tell the true story of lacrosse, we had to tell an honest Native American story, as well.  Putting together this movie has been a beautiful journey, and we’re sure it will make a lot of people proud.”

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